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Hello Gorgeous!


I'm Mendi LeAnn.  I’m an entrepreneur, former licensed cosmetologist, certified health coach, a medical assistant at an amazing functional medicine practice, partner, and proud mama to 3 amazing kids (ages 28, 23, and 15).

I am inspired by every single face I see; they each have unique and stunning features.   For years women have been hiding or covering up things they love about their faces in order to conceal the things they don’t.  Let me show you a way to enhance the features you love and diminish the ones you don’t without sacrificing any of the natural beauty that makes you, you.  My passion is helping you to find beauty in yourself and the world around you.

Whether it’s through sharing about my love of makeup, skincare, my latest Amazon finds, healthy recipes, or empowering others to pursue their dreams — I’m all about sharing a message of love, courage, and empowerment.

Thank you so much for being here.  You are gorgeous!


Mendi LeAnn

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